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Active Away Partner Get A Grip

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Get A Grip, one of the UK’s favourite tennis grip providers. 

On our Tennis Holidays at Active Away, many of our players use Get A Grip grips on their tennis rackets and we love them. They are immediately noticeable thanks to their jazzy, unique patterns that really catch the eye. We thought that we’d give back to our community and partner with Get A Grip. As an Active Away member, you now get a 20% discount when you next purchase a product from Get A Grip.

Get A Grip provides a range of funky tennis overgrips that offer additional comfort, feel and style, designed to make you stand out on court. From flashy multi-coloured grips to seasonal tennis classics, Get A Grip’s aim is to break out from the confines of the ‘boring’ standard tennis grip designs and push the boundaries and allow people to express themselves on court.

Founder of Get A Grip, James Wilkinson, a keen tennis player himself said ‘I was frustrated with the same old boring grips littering tennis courts up and down the country and decided to change the way things were. We wanted to remind people what tennis is all about, stepping on court and having fun! We think that our values really align with those of Active Away and think that they’re the perfect tennis holiday partners for us’.

One of Get A Grip’s mottos is ‘Serve up a slice of colour, Grab life by the grip and #MakeARacket’. 

Josh Thompson, Managing Director Active Away said ‘We see a lot of Get A Grip grips on our tennis holidays and I absolutely love the way they look and how they feel. I’m really excited to pursue a partnership with Get A Grip and hope we can build a strong relationship going forward. Get A Grip offers a fun and relaxed angle on tennis accessories as well as delivering on performance.’ 

Get A Grip, who were founded in 2020, offer a range of products including their Non-Slip over-grips, racket dampeners, and socks. They cater not only for tennis, but for padel, badminton and pickleball.

Get A Grip grips have become a common sight across the nation, even gracing the hands of prominent figures like Princess Catherine, who sported a Get A Grip grip at Wimbledon alongside Federer this year.

Get A Grip grips aren’t just about the style, though. Only the best quality materials are used for their over-grips, providing a durable Non-Slip hold with quick moisture absorption, keeping your hands dry when you play. 

Get A Grip products are the perfect tennis gift this Christmas. As the customer, you have the flexibility to create custom bundles and select your favourite designs. UK customers also get free shipping with orders over £20!

As an Active Away Member you get a 20% discount on all full-priced Get A Grip products! 

Get A Grip grips bring life to the tennis court and we are truly excited to see where this partnership can go in the future. Together, we want to fulfil Get A Grip’s motto and Create Vibes On Court!


Cancha Bags – Our Review

One of the most commonly asked questions by our clients is ‘What is the easiest and safest way that I can travel with my Tennis Racket?’ We’ve never really been able to give a confident and definitive answer. Until now… 

1. Overview

We’ve recently discovered Cancha who are revolutionising the way that we travel with our tennis equipment. They represent true innovation in tennis gear and travel accessories. Cancha’s thoughtfully designed bags are tailor-made for tennis enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience. Crafted with high-quality materials, Cancha bags ensure the safety and organisation of your tennis equipment while on the go. Whether you’re a professional player, or just a casual tennis fan, Cancha bags are a game-changer, making it easier than ever to transport your rackets and tennis gear in a fashion-forward, practical manner. We wanted 

2. Products

Cancha Bags offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of tennis players and travellers. Their product line includes a variety of travel bags, from spacious multi-racket bags to everyday travel bags.

These bags come in an array of stylish designs, ensuring that you not only carry your gear with ease but also make a fashionable statement. Cancha Bags also provides specialised compartments for shoes, water bottles, and other tennis accessories, encouraging organisation and efficiency. Cancha Bags offers a solution for every level of player or traveller, combining practicality, durability, and fashion in their products. Take Cancha’s Bag Finder Quiz to find the perfect bag for you.

Tennis Racket Bags
The Tennis Racket Bags are the only tennis racket bag you’ll ever need, with capacity for multiple tennis rackets and plenty more room inside, all racket bags are fully water resistant and are attachable to Cancha’s add on attachment bags.

Padel and Pickleball Bags
Their Padel Bag Mini was awarded Independent Best Buy in 2023. With its perfect size, there’s enough room for all of your Padel and Pickleball gear.

Add-on Bags
Cancha also offer a range of accessories such as their add-on attachment bags which can be clipped onto Cancha Racket Bags or carried alone. Carried alone they are perfect travel bags for work with dedicated laptop sleeves and other specialised compartments for everything you need for your day. On top of this, Cancha Attachment Bags open 180 degrees like a suitcase, for easy access and are compact and lightweight.

3. Cancha's Story

Cancha was formed in 2018 by Professional Tennis Player Jack Oswald. Canch Bags were inspired by Jack’s frustration at lugging his tennis equipment around the world to each competition that he entered. Jack found his tennis baggage to be poorly designed and after a couple of months would quickly deteriorate, so Jack decided to take matters into his own hands. Jack’s aim with Cancha Bags was to create practical tennis and travel bags which were both practical and durable. Drawing from the most advanced manufacturing processes along with their unique modular attachment systems, Jack created a revolutionary bag unlike anything else on the market.

Each new model that Cancha creates is tried and tested by Jack himself, taking it on tour with him around the world and pushing each new bag to the limits with his demanding travel requirements. Cancha Bags are also all independently tested, ensuring and backing up the high standard that Cancha claim to hold.

4. Sustainability

As well as making high quality products, Cancha is dedicated to sustainability, recognising the importance of environmental responsibility in today’s world. They strive to minimise their ecological footprint by employing eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

Cancha are proud members of 1% for the Planet, a program in which companies commit to contributing 1% of their total sales towards the preservation and restoration of our natural environment. Cancha also prioritises sustainability by sourcing materials from suppliers certified by BlueSign, guaranteeing that all components used in their bags are environmentally responsible. Cancha Bags are also independently accredited by Ethy and are working to pioneer a more sustainable future by addressing the planet’s most pressing sustainability challenges.

5. The Cancha Community

Similar to the Active Away Community, Cancha have their own vibrant and thriving community of lovers of tennis and travel. Cancha created their Cancha Local Membership to help people pursue their passions and explore the world. The membership allows you to share your experiences, meet fellow Cancha owners and earn rewards. You can become a Cancha Local here.

Cancha Bags really are the next big thing in sports travel equipment and are without a doubt the best value travel bags on the market. Their exceptional performance, robust durability, and stylish design make them an obvious choice for any frequently travelling tennis player.

6. Where can I buy a Cancha Bag?

As Part of the Free Active Away Membership Programme, you get access to a 15% discount on all Cancha products. Head to the Cancha Bags Website to browse and purchase all Cancha products.

Turkey Jump. Fabryx

Active Away Partner Fabryx

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Fabryx. Fabryx will be working alongside Head to supply our coaches with kit for the upcoming Tennis Holiday season as well as powering an online shop where our members can purchase Active Away branded clothing.

Fabryx’s easy to use platform allows anybody to create a high quality clothing line and start selling immediately with minimal upfront costs. And with over twenty years experience creating high quality apparel, and online shop management, no design or e-commerce expertise are needed. This, along with their ‘print on demand’ model, reduces risk, eradicates storage needs and allows for a much more fair and sustainable approach to team clothing. Our members will have a range of products to choose from, including tennis dresses, t-shirts, and jackets, all available to order through our Members Shop which is run by Fabryx and will be delivered within days.

Fabryx are also leaders in sustainable retail, all of their garments are printed and embroidered in the UK, many of which using Greenprinted™️ technology which is non-toxic, uses 95% less water than traditional printing and their production is entirely powered by renewable energy. Coupled with their eco-friendly packaging and ethical apparel, Fabryx seemed the obvious choice for us when choosing our clothing partners.
Founder of Fabryx, Micheal Conway said “With over 50 Tennis Clubs across the country using Fabryx as their merchandise solution, Active Away were the perfect partner for us to continue to support the Tennis sector. We are delighted they have chosen to work with us and look forward to working alongside Head in providing their staff and customers with high quality custom branded tennis clothing. Active Away offer a fantastic package to their customers and we’re proud to be able to partner our brands.”

Micheal Conway is also an existing client of Active Away having been away on several Tennis Holidays with us, and he really knows how special our community is and what our brand means to our clients and coaches. 

Josh Thompson, Managing director of Active Away said “Fabryx have made what has previously been a hassle incredibly easy. Historically we have had to order custom branded kit or guest merchandise in bulk, with all the associated time costs of managing inventory, liaising with suppliers and distributing to customers. Fabryx’s On Demand model has taken all that away, providing greater customer choice and ensuring we have an easy and sustainable merchandise solution allowing coaches and guests to look and feel great.”

We believe that having Fabryx on board will boost our clothing line to the next level and create the best experience possible for our members wanting to purchase Active Away branded apparel. We’re looking forward to working with Fabryx over the coming years and hope our partnership develops into an extremely successful one for both parties. We’d recommend Fabryx to anyone at clubs across the country who order branded merchandise, you can get in touch with them here.

Our Head x Fabryx Men's Jacket
Our Head v Fabryx Women's Dress

Check out Fabryx Social Media:

LinkedIn (clothes2order) –

Instagram – @fabryxstores

Twitter – @fabryxstores