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Read our Tennis Camps Blog to find out more information on what tennis camps are and how they can make your summer!

Tennis Camps Blog

We love Tennis Camps here at Active Away! It’s probably because we specialise in Tennis holidays, clinics, and events. In this Tennis Camps Blog, we praise all events related to tennis and encourage you to get involved in them too! Who doesn’t want to get on court for countless hours making new memories and connections, as well as improving their tennis game?

Tennis Camps

Tennis Camps Near Me

You can google for your nearest tennis club or use the LTA’s (Lawn Tennis Association) website to find a club near you who hosts Tennis Camps. They are an easy way to get a feel for a tennis club to see whether you think it would be a good fit for you and to spend some quality time on court.

Check out our Adult Tennis Clinics to find one of our daylong clinics near you and find out whether a Tennis Camp / Clinic is something you have a passion for like many other tennis enthusiasts.

Tennis Camps

Tennis Camps Summer

In the UK, Tennis Camps for children are normally held in the school holidays and run all through the summer holidays. Tennis camps are a great way for kids to learn a new sport, improve their skills, and make friends. Most camps offer both beginner and advanced levels, so whether your child is just starting out or has some experience playing tennis, there is a camp that will be perfect for them. In addition to learning how to play tennis, kids can also expect to participate in other sports and fun activities such as arts and crafts.


Tennis tends to be more popular in the Summer due to the weather and for adults, tennis camps are not a popular event to hear about. We normally have group sessions for adults in the UK and they are especially popular in the Summer but there are also tennis camps and clinics situated across the UK like our Active Away Clinics for adults to take part in and enjoy a full day / weekend of tennis.

Tennis Camps

Tennis Camps for Adults UK

If you’re looking for a way to improve your tennis skills, consider attending a tennis camp for adults in the UK. These camps offer a variety of benefits, including improved technique, stronger fitness levels, and enhanced teamwork skills. Tennis camps are an excellent way to meet new people and make friends with other tennis enthusiasts. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches and practice with others who share your passion for the game.

Tennis Camps for adults are normally on weekends and with us at Active Away, we offer one day and weekend long Tennis Clinics all across the UK. Check out our blog on Tennis Clinics and our upcoming clinics here for more information.

Tennis Camps