Option 1: Short Length Swing/Beginner/Power

Racket manufacturers such as; Babolat, Wilson, Head, Prince and Dunlop offer power-oriented rackets.

These rackets usually have a larger than average head size (the average being around 100in²), these rackets being 110in² or larger, and are described as ‘oversize’.

The length of the racket is normally 27 inches, with some being slightly longer (28 inches max).

They are balanced head heavy or evenly balanced, to allow enough weight to travel through the contact zone.

Weight wise they are normally less than 280 grams, meaning that they do not put too much stress on the joints.

These rackets are perfect for players who have shorter, slower swings and want a racket that is going to generate power easily for them.


A great example of a power-oriented racket is the ‘Head Graphene PWR Prestige’ which can be viewed here


Option 2: Medium Length Swing/Intermediate/Blend of Power + Control

There are many options for rackets that offer a mixture of features from a Power focused racket and a Control focused racket.

This type of racket will normally have an average sized head size – around 95 to 102in², and are described as ‘midplus’.

The length of the racket is 27 inches.

These rackets are balanced anywhere from slightly head-light to slightly head-heavy.

For the weight they are somewhere between 285 – 310 grams, with the average weight for a tennis racket being around 295 grams.

This type of racket is ideal for players who have a medium length/speed swing, and are looking for a racket that is versatile in all areas. They appeal most to intermediate/advanced players.

A great example of a Intermediate/Advanced players racket is the ‘Head Youtek Extreme Midplus’ which can be viewed here


Option 3: Longer Length Swing/Advanced/Control

This brings us too the rackets that are designed for the advanced players.

These ‘weapons’ will have a smaller head size – around 90 to 98in² and sometimes have ‘tour’ after the name of the racket.

The length of the racket is normally 27 inches, with some being slightly longer (28 inches max).

The frames of the racket are usually thinner, and are balanced head light, which means the racket will not be particularly powerful for someone with a slow swing.

This racket is perfect for someone who has a fast swing and generates power very easily.

A great example of a Advanced players racket is the ‘Head Graphene Speed Pro’ which can be viewed here


Grip sizes:







In general ladies should choose grip sizes L1 + L2.

Men should pick, grip sizes L2 or L3 with a maximum of L4 for those of you with extra large hands!

My personal preference is L2 with an overgrip.

It’s always best to go for a smaller grip size, and then use an overgrip, as these are easy to replace. The grip size is the most important part of the racket, mainly because if your grip is too big you are unable to get your hand round the racket and feel the ball properly.


I hope you enjoyed this blog, and when you are purchasing your next racket, if you require any more advice, please email: and I would be happy to help.

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