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We offer our Tennis Clinics at David Lloyd Edinburgh on both a Saturday and/or Sunday. It's a fantastic way to improve your Doubles in a brilliant environment that is David Lloyd Edinburgh.

The high-quality coaching programme is designed by Louis Cayer (MBE), one of the world's best doubles coaches who has worked with Jamie Murray and many of the British stars. The coaching is fast paced, fun and you’ll be given the key takeaways from the day! Our goal for the day will be to make you a more competent and confident Doubles player.

Clinic Days Available

Saturday and/or Sunday

Tennis Standard

Open to all standards of Tennis. However our typical client is someone who loves doubles and plays 1-3 times a week at their club.

Perfect For

Adults who would like to improve their Doubles!

What's Included?

5 Hours of Professional Tennis Coaching
Tennis Coaching Programme designed by Louis Cayer
Video Series & Key Takeaways from the Clinic
Active Away Hosting
Concierge Booking & After Sales Support
1 Coach : 6 Players : 1 Court Ratio

What's Not Included?

Lunch or Beverages

Clinic In Action



Our Doubles Tennis Clinics are perfect for anyone wanting to improve their Doubles. We’ve curated a fun packed 5 hours of fast paced coaching to make you a more confident and competent Doubles player.
Please note our itineraries are all subject to change.

Your host & team of coaches will be waiting for you in the club lounge. Please feel free to arrive earlier if you’d like to join them for a coffee.


We start the day with a fun physical warm up (nothing too strenuous) and then get stuck into hitting some balls. We start by talking about the different feelings you have as you go through your racket warm up to help you get in a rhythm.


Sunday starts in a similar vain to the Saturday, with a light physical warm up, followed by a racket warm up. The warm up is similar, but today we talk about playing a mini-lob and incorporating more movement.

The coaches will be assessing your playing level, we try to ensure everyone has an opportunity to ‘Play Up’ & ‘Play Down.’ Please speak to your host if you feel you are being over/under challenged at any point. We operate on a 1 Coach: 6 Players: 1 Court basis.


Being able to dominate from the back of the court is one of the most effective ways to be a great doubles player. In this session we talk a lot about how to use your strengths and transition from the back to the net.


30 minutes of Rally Skills, looking at how good your rally quality is from the back of the court and some effective tips on how we can contact more balls in with an excellent contact point.


Our most famous Tennis Coaching session – the Louis Cayer Doubles DNA. In essence, we teach you your job in doubles, where to start and then where to move to. We’ll get you playing some high quality doubles in no time!


There’s nothing more pesky than someone dropping a weak 2nd serve over the net and being super awkward to deal with! In this session we look at how we can attack this second serve and ‘build a wall’ as a returning team.


It’s lunch time! Our suggestion is to pre-order lunch from the on site cafe (on arrival), so your lunch will be ready as soon as you walk off the court. The cafe has a fantastic selection which caters for all dietary requirements.


Ever played someone with a great 1st serve? We teach you the basics of dealing with that faster serve. We also look at the reverse – what happens if your partner has a great serve – how can you make the most of this?


If you’ve ever played someone who is good at drop shots, you’ll know how challenging they are to beat! We’ve come up with a great, fast paced drill that will allow you to retrieve those drop shots and turn the point around.


As the returners partner, you have to be super sharp! You’ve got to make quick decisions and move to certain positions on the court. We look at the ‘X’ drill – which is based around which position you move to depending on what return is hit.


This session is all about how to be ‘a wall’ as a pair at the net. Where to move, when to move and how to not get passed! You’ll find this drill great fun and seriously dynamic.


It’s lunch time! Our suggestion is to pre-order lunch from the on site cafe (on arrival), so your lunch will be ready as soon as you walk off the court. The cafe has a fantastic selection which caters for all dietary requirements.


Emma Raducanu is exceptional at this shot – the drive volley! Do you play people who lob all the time, and force you back deep? Well a great answer to that lob is to hit a drive volley – we will teach you the basics, and you’ll have a go!


Bring your post lunch coffee with you on court to watch your coaches in action for 15 minutes! Discover what the ‘volley pressure gauge’ is and the different feelings you can have on a volley.


Your chance to put everything from the day into practice! You’ll either play some live doubles, or challenge the coaches in a fun drill to cap off a great day of doubles, fun and learning.


We’ve all experienced that feeling of missing an easy volley! Well this session is all about ‘going and getting’ that volley. You’ll be putting those volleys away with precision not power at the end of this session.

Ever experienced someone hit a ball hard at you as a volleyer? Well we have some great ways to counteract that – including the fact that the best volleyers do nothing! Next time someone hits a ball hard at you, you’ll have no problem handling it!

What are the key positions as a volleyer in Doubles? What does DNA mean? We’ll help you feel super confident as a volleyer in doubles and not get ‘lost’! Once you move to those positions, we’ll then look at the decisions you make as a volleyer.

At the end of the clinic we will take a quick group picture which will be shared on social media (please feel free to Opt-Out). It’s a lovely way to remember your day(s).

After the clinic you’ll receive an email with all of the ‘key takeaways’ from the day.


Venue Cafe

There is a fantastic on-site cafe with a variety of menu options for all dietary requirements.


Changing Rooms
Swimming Pool
Car Parking (Free)


We use David Lloyd Corstorphine.

Please make sure you use this address: David Lloyd Edinburgh, 89B Glasgow Rd, Edinburgh EH12 8GZ.

Yes, as a Tennis Clinic attendee the parking is free. You will need a code from reception to get out.

The club room and changing facilities, all other facilities are off limit for Active Away attendees.



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