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Our Tennis Holidays blog is centred around our journey to becoming the best Tennis Holiday provider in the world. We established Active Away in 2006 and it’s been an incredible journey so far – explore this blog to find out what’s going on in the Tennis Holiday world and our top tips.

Finding the perfect Tennis Holiday location is actually quite challenging. The recipe that is needed to make a venue work for Active Away is difficult as we have quite strict criteria. For example we require a minimum of 4 Tennis Courts, and most hotels tend to have 1 or 2 tennis courts as almost a ‘gesture.’ The hotels that have 4 courts or more are also popular with other tennis companies, which means there is competition!

Most people are familiar with the concept of a ‘Golf Holiday’ but maybe not a ‘Tennis Holiday.’ Hotels definitely see the value in having a Golf course, and some hotels even centre their whole model around Golf – however you don’t see the same for Tennis. Normally we have to teach hotels that their tennis courts can make them money!

There are some tennis hotels out there though, with a ridiculous amount of Tennis Courts. Ones that we’ve considered are:

  1. Ali Bey – which has an unbelievable 61 Tennis Courts!
  2. Liberty Lykia – which has 19 Tennis Courts with a stunning backdrop
  3. Sani Resort – which has the Rafael Nadal tennis Academy

If you are already interested in Tennis Holidays and have a good understanding of what one is then have a read of our 7 Great Tennis Holiday essentials here. 

Play Tennis Abroad

Play Tennis Abroad – what a great concept: tennis, sunshine, cocktails and fun! We love nothing more than playing tennis abroad with the Active Away family.

The concept of playing tennis abroad is not a new one! The winter months in England are especially dreary and there’s no guarantee of the weather during the ‘dodgy’ British summertime. I’m sure many of us have been battling the cold and rain at an outdoor club and dreamed of nothing more than playing tennis abroad.

As we all know, Britain is an island which means we unfortunately have to jump on a plane to escape the UK. Contrast this with Germany where they can drive to countries like Croatia to play tennis abroad – you end up with far more Germans enjoying Tennis away from their native country than you do Brits.

There’s several options for playing tennis abroad, which include:

  • Renting a Villa with a Tennis Court
    • This is great fun if you have a close-knit group of friends
    • Don’t forget that catering is normally not included, so you’ll have to share the cooking and cleaning duties!
  • Going on a Hosted Tennis Holiday
    • We believe this is the best way to play tennis abroad as everything is taken care of for you! Normally it’s All Inclusive, has a full tennis programme and has a host to look after you.
  • Going to a Tennis Resort
    • There are many Tennis Resorts to choose from, most of which will have an in house coach if you’d like lessons.
    • Do remember that sometimes you can end up with no one to play with! So if you go on your own or with someone who doesn’t play tennis – bear this in mind.

Tennis Breaks

If you’ve been looking for Tennis Breaks, then this blog is the perfect place to start. For some people taking a week off work is challenging, so a 3 or 4 night break may be preferable.

A great tennis break involves several factors:

  1. A good fun group of people to play with
  2. Great Tennis courts
  3. Awesome weather
  4. Not too far away so the flight isn’t long!

With a Tennis Break you want to get there and get on the tennis court! You’ve not got long so it’s about packing your itinerary as full as possible to make the best use of your time. It’s still always a good idea to buy a hold bag as many airlines will not let you take your tennis racket in your hand baggage.

Why not read our health benefits of a Tennis Holiday blog for more information on why a tennis break is good for you!

Tennis Trips

Taking tennis trips with your friends, partner or family can be a brilliant way to share your passion for the game!

We’ve got the lowdown on the best tennis trips, whether it’s tennis trips with coaching or just tennis trips where you play yourself – there’s a lot of information out there, but we’ve become tennis trip experts.

Here’s the 3 steps to finding your perfect Tennis Trip:

1. Do you want Tennis Coaching?

We’d say this is a great place to start as you’ll find some tennis trips that just organise the experience for you, and others who will package up the full programme including coaching.

2. Do you want to meet new people?

Tennis requires a minimum of 2 people! If you are travelling on your own or with a non-playing partner it’s always better to go on a Group Tennis Trip so that you’ve always got someone to play with.

3. How far do you want to travel?

It’s important to note if you want a short tennis trip or a long tennis trip. We’d suggest that 1 week is the perfect length of time (and maybe even add a few days on to the end of your trip to just relax after a busy week on the tennis court)!

5 Star Tennis Holidays

So you want to go big? Then you’ll be looking for 5 Star Tennis Holidays. We all are comfortable with the hotel rating system, but what does a 5 Star Tennis Holiday actually mean?

Here’s what we believe a 5 Star Tennis Holiday is:

  • Highly Rated & Reviewed
    • There’s nothing quite like ‘social proof.’ One of the best things about the modern age of travel is that you can read real reviews. It’s so difficult for companies to get it right all of the time – but have a scour through the reviews and you’ll be able to work out if it really is a 5 Star Tennis Holiday.
  • Impeccable Destinations
    • It’s got to be a beautiful resort. With some hotels – 5 star doesn’t always mean 5 star. TripAdvisor reviews are a great place to start to check out if you are really going to a stunning destination.
  • Fun, intelligent and passionate coaches
    • We all want to improve our Tennis, and there’s no way we will get better without some passionate coaching. There would be nothing worse than spending your holiday not improving due to the poor coaching.
  • An exciting tennis coaching programme
    • Great coaches is one thing – but the tennis programme is another. When looking at your coaching programme it should inspire and excite you!
  • Slick administration
    • It’s not all about the Tennis – if the other aspects of your holiday are not organised well then how can you give it 5/5 stars!

If the tennis holiday ticks all of the above boxes, then we can agree – it really is a 5 Star Tennis Holiday.

Bespoke Tennis Holidays

So you’ve been reading our tennis holiday blog and nothing quite works for you? You’ll want Bespoke Tennis Holidays.

Bespoke Tennis Holidays tailor the experience around your needs. From the specific dates of travel, to the destination, coaching programme and tennis court surface. There’s a lot of factors to bring together to create a Bespoke Tennis Holiday, but ultimately it starts with what you want.

When do you want to go? Creating a bespoke tennis holiday starts with when you want to go. We’d suggest considering April/May/June/September/October as these months are not too hot for tennis, but also warm enough to come back bronzed.

Where do you want to go? This is a super exciting question that is very personal! You could stick with the classic European Tennis Holiday or maybe go further afield and explore a Bespoke Tennis Holiday to Dubai.

What’s your budget? Bespoke Tennis Holidays can range from £500 – £4000 per person depending on where and when you want to go. Being clear with your budget can allow the team to create the perfect trip for you.

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