Invoicing Active Away

Simple steps to invoicing Active Away successfully


Your Invoicing Guide

We have a special accounting procedure we need you to follow so we can pay you smoothly

1. Creating the Invoice

1.1. Download the Excel File by Clicking Here
1.2. Edit the Excel File accordingly, completing all of the information
1.3. Please export the Excel as a PDF – do not send us an Excel file as our Accounting Software can’t process this. Please see the instructions below on how to do this:
– File > Print – Save as PDF – Name the Invoice the same as your Unique Invoice Number (e.g JT001)

2. Common Mistakes

2.1. Account Name – this must match your account name)
2.2. Invoice Number – we must have a unique invoice number

3. Sending the Invoice

Please send the invoice to: accounts@activeaway.com & CC steve@activeaway.com, josh@activeaway.com, matt@activeaway.com, alison@activeaway.com

4. Getting Paid

Once the invoice has been received – we will process the payment on the 25th of the month and reply to your email confirming payment has been made.
5. Questions
If you have any questions on this payment process please feel free to send an email to the above addresses.
Thank you again for all your hard work!
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