Sarah BrownAbout

Sarah is a recent addition to the Active Away team. She has played a key role in the development and the delivery of our yoga holidays. Sarah has been practising yoga for 15 years and teaching for 9. Her yoga journey began after years of intense training and over-working of her body, she was left tight, sore and in need of help.

Sarah turned to yoga and never looked back, yoga has brought Sarah years of deep comfort and relaxation.

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Sarah’s Experience

Sarah has worked with clients of all ages from 18yrs through to more elderly clients. She works with both men and women. She also works with people of all levels of ability, people completely new to exercise through to athletes right at the height of their careers.

In recent years Sarah has also been working with those suffering with chronic conditions and diseases.  In addition to her yoga background Sarah is also a sports massage therapist, nutritional therapist, naturopathy practitioner and life coach.

For Sarah yoga is a way of life. It can untie deep rooted knots and free up the energy so many of us crave.  Sarah designs her routines around a viniyasa and ashtanga approach, with Vini yoga (a type of hatha yoga) being her specialty…..


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Sarah’s Holidays

If you like the sound of Sarah and would like to join her on a trip, Sarah is running a Yoga holidays from the 15th – 22nd October 2016 to Liberty Sentido Resort which hosts Europe’s largest outdoor yoga area.

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