Claire's Experience

Solo Traveller
“I’ve been on 2 holidays a year for the last 3 years, 1 of the reasons that keeps me coming back is because I always learn something new."

Darren's Experience

Travelled with his Partner
"It's probably one of the highlights of my year. It's such a great experience I really do look forward to going each year."

Jill's Experience

Solo Traveller
"It's been fabulous, you couldn't want anything better. Don't hesitate book it now!"

Sian + Vanessa

Travelled as a Group
"Amazing experience. We are definitely going to do another Active Away holiday, it's a given we will be back!"

Helen + Sue

Travelled as a Group
"You get to meet lots of different people, other groups, single travellers and we've made some very good friends on these holidays"

Rob's Experience

Solo Traveller
"It really focuses on making sure everyone has a good time. It's these holiday's where you can just come on your own and you feel included"

Sue's Experience

Travelled with her Partner
"I can't tell you how good the whole package is. The tennis is amazing, in fabulous locations in the sun. We just love it!"

Eddie's Experience

Travelled with his Partner
"You're encouraged and immersed by the whole experience, you will absolutely improve your tennis on one of these holidays!"

Marietta's Experience

Solo Traveller
"It is really social, you are never on your own. The guys work so hard to make sure you are always included."