Active Away Partner Get A Grip

Active Away Partner Get A Grip

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Get A Grip, one of the UK’s favourite tennis grip providers. 

On our Tennis Holidays at Active Away, many of our players use Get A Grip grips on their tennis rackets and we love them. They are immediately noticeable thanks to their jazzy, unique patterns that really catch the eye. We thought that we’d give back to our community and partner with Get A Grip. As an Active Away member, you now get a 20% discount when you next purchase a product from Get A Grip.

Get A Grip provides a range of funky tennis overgrips that offer additional comfort, feel and style, designed to make you stand out on court. From flashy multi-coloured grips to seasonal tennis classics, Get A Grip’s aim is to break out from the confines of the ‘boring’ standard tennis grip designs and push the boundaries and allow people to express themselves on court.

Founder of Get A Grip, James Wilkinson, a keen tennis player himself said ‘I was frustrated with the same old boring grips littering tennis courts up and down the country and decided to change the way things were. We wanted to remind people what tennis is all about, stepping on court and having fun! We think that our values really align with those of Active Away and think that they’re the perfect tennis holiday partners for us’.

One of Get A Grip’s mottos is ‘Serve up a slice of colour, Grab life by the grip and #MakeARacket’. 

Josh Thompson, Managing Director Active Away said ‘We see a lot of Get A Grip grips on our tennis holidays and I absolutely love the way they look and how they feel. I’m really excited to pursue a partnership with Get A Grip and hope we can build a strong relationship going forward. Get A Grip offers a fun and relaxed angle on tennis accessories as well as delivering on performance.’ 

Get A Grip, who were founded in 2020, offer a range of products including their Non-Slip over-grips, racket dampeners, and socks. They cater not only for tennis, but for padel, badminton and pickleball.

Get A Grip grips have become a common sight across the nation, even gracing the hands of prominent figures like Princess Catherine, who sported a Get A Grip grip at Wimbledon alongside Federer this year.

Get A Grip grips aren’t just about the style, though. Only the best quality materials are used for their over-grips, providing a durable Non-Slip hold with quick moisture absorption, keeping your hands dry when you play. 

Get A Grip products are the perfect tennis gift this Christmas. As the customer, you have the flexibility to create custom bundles and select your favourite designs. UK customers also get free shipping with orders over £20!

As an Active Away Member you get a 20% discount on all full-priced Get A Grip products! 

Get A Grip grips bring life to the tennis court and we are truly excited to see where this partnership can go in the future. Together, we want to fulfil Get A Grip’s motto and Create Vibes On Court!

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