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We've selected some of the best Indoor UK Venues to host our Doubles specific Tennis Clinics. 5 Hours of High Quality Coaching with a programme designed by the world's best doubles coach - Louis Cayer.

Indoor Only

We all know how pesky the UK weather can be! All of our Tennis Clinics are at Indoor venues, so there is no chance of being rained off!

Active Away Indoor Only Tennis Clinics

Louis Cayer Coaching Programme

We spent many hours discussing with our clients what they’d most like to improve about their tennis.
The response we had was: “We want to be more confident & competent on the Doubles Court.”
So we got in touch with the world’s best Doubles Coach - Louis Cayer.
Louis has revolutionised our Tennis Programme & you can enjoy 5 hours of expert Doubles Coaching on one of our Clinics.

Active Away Louis Cayer Tennis Clinics

Prestigious Venues

We have a great relationship with David Lloyd Leisure and are therefore able to access some of their most prestigious venues.
This means you have access to all the facilities at the venue for the day! 

Active Away Indoor Tennis Clinic Venues

Everyone Welcome

We cater for all standards on our Tennis Clinics. However our typical client is someone who plays 1-3 times a week at their club, can hold a rally & loves doubles!

Active Away Indoor Tennis Clinics Everyone Welcome

About Our Adult Only Tennis Clinics

Some key points to remember about our Indoor Tennis Clinics

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Mixed Ability

We will do out utmost to make sure you are challenged appropriately to your level on your Tennis Clinic with us.

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1:6 Ratio

Our Tennis Clinics are based on 1 Coach : 6 Players : 1 Court

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Download Key Points

After the clinics we will send you a link to download the key takeaways so you can remember what we've done!

A Typical Clinic with Active Away

Here's an example Adult Indoor Doubles Tennis Clinic Itinerary with us

 Time Topic Content
09:45 Arrive & Meet the Group  
10:00 Warm Up/Level Finder No more than 1 coach to 6 players per court.
10:20 - 11:30 Being Solid at the Back of the Court How to build consistency from the back of the court.
11:30 - 12:30 Find your Doubles DNA (with Masterclass) DNA - Defence / Neutral / Attack. Where to stand/move in Doubles
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Break Lunch is available to purchase in the on-site Café.
13:30 - 14:30 Serve/Return (with Masterclass) – Video Analysis Serve Technique - Have your technique analysed by one of the team
14:30 - 15:10 Dealing with a Weak 2nd Serve How to dominate a Weak 2nd Serve
15:10 - 15:30 How to Move in Sync with your Partner How to move in Sync at the net with your partner from the 'wall' position
15:30 - 16:00 Coached Point Play Can you put everything into practice?

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We are proud of our immaculate 99% 5/5 Star Rating on Google!

Our Tennis Clinic Locations

Fantastic Indoor locations across the UK!

Tennis Clinic Locations

Join us at one of our superb Indoor Locations

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