Supervised Transfers

Active Away Grand Slam Tennis Camps offers atendees of our camps an option to be collected from the airport by a member of staff and escorted to the camp.

A staff member will be waiting on arrival with an Active Away sign, they will then be collected and whisked away to their camp. They will always be DBS (crimal record checked).

As a parent you will receive a text message as soon as we’ve collected your son/daughter, so you can be sure of their safe arrival.

We ask that you book a flight which lands between 10:00am and 16:00, should you book outside those times, please contact us and let us know.

Your Responsibilty

  • Ensure all flight details have been emailed over to us.
    • Airport Arrival
    • Time/Date of Arrival
    • Flight Number
    • Is your child an unaccompanied minor?
  • If your child is an unaccompanied minor please advise us of the details.
  • Please ensure your child has all flight details printed and with them.


  • Chelmsford Rail Station – 10 Minutes – Supervised Transfer – Free
  • London Southend Airport – 30 Minutes – Supervised Transfer – £40
  • Loundon Stansted Airport – 40 Minutes – Supervised Transfer – £50
  • Loundon Gatwick Airport – 1 hour 30 Minutes – Supervised Transfer – £115
  • Loundon Heathrow Airport – 1 hour 30 Minutes – Supervised Transfer – £115