Active Away Tennis Holidays Blog: Tennis Holidays in 2021

Active Away Tennis Holidays Blog: Tennis Holidays in 2021

Active Away Tennis Holidays Blog: Tennis Holidays in 2021

Wow – it’s been a long stretch without travel, and we’ve seriously missed running our Tennis Holidays!

With restrictions soon to be eased our Tennis Holidays in 2021 are expected to be jam packed with everyone looking to escape the UK!

Tennis Holiday Movie! 

Created in 2017 – we think our Tennis Holiday movie still looks awesome. It gives you a really good picture of what our trips are about – fun, improving your game and meeting new people!

What’s the latest on Travel?

As of writing this blog (15/03/21) we have been given an ‘earliest return to travel’ date of the 17 May, with more information being provided on the 12 April. We are hopeful about our May/June trips happening.

Tennis Holidays 2021 - Latest on Travel

I’m nervous about booking anything!

With all the changes to the travel landscape over the last 12 months, we recommend booking through a PTR (Package Travel Regulated) company such as ourselves. The long & short of PTR regulations is simply: “If the FCO says you can’t go we have to refund you in 14 days.” 

Tennis Holidays 2021 - Nervous about Booking

What’s Included with a 2021 Tennis Holiday?

22.5 Hours of Tennis, Hosting, Accommodation & a generous Board Basis! We’ve been perfecting our Tennis Holiday formula since 2006, and take serious pride in what we deliver.

Tennis Holidays 2021 - What's Included

I’m in! Where & when are we going?!

We do still have spaces on some locations – but, due to the volume of deferrals from 2020, we only have extremely limited spaces. You can view our live availability here.

Tennis Holidays 2021 - Where & When

I’d very much love to host you on one of our 2021 Tennis Holidays! If you do have any questions about our 2021 Tennis Holidays please email me here.

See you soon!
Josh & The Team

Corfu, Greece
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Crete, Greece
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Corfu, Greece
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