Active Away & Game4Padel

Active Away & Game4Padel

Dragons' Den Investment meets an Andy Murray investment

The Active Away Dragons’ Den journey is no secret and we have throughly enjoyed the ride. Seeing a business within our niche backed by the former world number 1 and Wimbledon champion Andy Murray definitely raised our eyebrows! With Andy Murray’s battling spirit and determination, it must be brilliant for Game4Padel to have Andy onboard.

From an Active Away perspective, it’s been brilliant having Peter Jones and his team supporting us every step of the way. Investment is brilliant and allows businesses to grow, however investment from individuals who can add value is invaluable.

Shared Values

We don’t just partner anyone. We proudly display our values across our marketing and make decisions based on these core standards. When we explored the possibility of Game4Padel we researched their values, team members and how they conducted themselves. We were incredibly impressed with how professional, engaging and driven they are. They immediately were onboard with the power of community and making sure that each and every experience is exceptional. This gave us confidence that they would always do the right thing – something which is vital in a long lasting partnership.

Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort, Valencia

How does 7 brand new Padel courts at a stunning 4 star hotel with a Golf course sound? My flights are booked and I’d love to welcome you too!

Meet: Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort – Europe’s leading destination for Padel.

We believe this is currently the best Padel Tennis Holiday destination in Europe. With it’s immaculate Padel courts, beautiful hotel layout and a Golf course (if that’s your thing) we can see our community thoroughly enjoying this resort.

What will Active Away be offering at this resort? – We will be offering both hosted and non-hosted trips. This means you’ll have access to either the full Active Away experience with our host running the holiday alongside the highly qualified Spanish team or just book the resort through us and we will arrange all of your court time for you.

Who are the coaches? The coaches in the resort are PadelMBA qualified coaches – the leading Padel coach training company. They will be coaching you alongside one of our highly trained team on our hosted experience.

Game4Padel Official UK Travel Partner

We are proud to be Game4Padel’s official travel partner. This means we will organise travel for all All UK Outbound Padel Breaks/Holidays to Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort that Game4Padel offer. This will provide protection for all client as we operate a ‘TTA Trust Account’ model.

An Authentic Spanish Padel Experience

One of the advantages of working with Game4Padel and, in turn, Oliva Nova is the ability to have a truly authentic spanish padel experience – being coached by some of the highest qualified coaches in Spain. There will of course be Active Away hosting. This is the core USP of what we do, and what makes the experience with Active Away special. Each of our hosted trips will be led by one of our passionate hosts.

Hosting is the favourite part of my job and the reason why we have such incredible reviews. We are there throughout your holiday to make sure it’s exceptional – from organised meals, to welcome meetings and the opportunity to socialise with other members of your trip, we enjoy every second.

01 - Adult Tennis Holiday - Tennis Hosting

Just Travel

Since March 2020 (who can forget what happened then!) Package Travel Protection has become vital for anyone booking a trip abroad. The amount of horror stories we heard of companies refusing to refund customers was unbelievable. We were incredibly proud of how quickly we refunded clients who wanted their money back as well as the support we received from clients who were happy to defer their booking.

When you make a booking with Active Away that consists of more than 1 part (e.g Hotel and Padel Court Rental) this is classes as a ‘package’ and is therefore protected under the Package Travel Regulations. This gives you the right to a refund within 14 days if the FCO advises against travel to your destination (for example a global pandemic!) The best thing about our protection is that your money sits in a ‘trust account’ and we can’t access it until the suppliers have been paid and your holiday is completed.

Game4Padel clients are able to access this protection. At Active Away we can act as a travel agent – meaning that we can simply organise the hotel, padel, transfers and other elements of your trip for you. Handling deposits, managing the bookings, making changes and much more – it’s what we are good at. This gives you the full peace of mind that if you need any help with your trip you have our friendly team on hand to assist at any point.

If you want to book a ‘Just Travel’ trip to Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort, please complete the form on our Oliva Nova page here.

Future Padel Clinics

With Game4Padel’s seriously ambitious plans for Padel in the UK it matches our ambition to offer UK Padel events. With our recent Padel Tennis Clinics going down a treat, we are excited to offer news venues that are local to our clientele throughout the UK.

Game4Padel recently opened courts at Virgin Active Chiswick in London, where we hold our UK Tennis Clinics. This could serve as a brilliant venue for our Padel Clinics once the indoor roof has been added – which I’m told is coming soon! 

Andy Murray Investment

Investors don’t get more exciting than Andy Murray, who joined the Game4Padel team in 2019 as an investor and ambassador. Off court, Andy is known for his entrepreneurial interests, and immediately saw the potential for a padel business. He had played the game whilst training in Spain as a teenager and so was delighted when he saw that a company was bringing in to the UK. His profile has helped Game4Padel raise awareness for the sport and encourage people to try it out for themselves

Expert Game4Padel Coaches

One of the things we are most proud of here at Active Away is the standard of our coaching. We put so much effort in to making sure our programme is innovative, exciting and dynamic. However, there is no point having an incredible programme if your coaching team can’t deliver it. That’s why we’ve put countless hours into training our team. We’ve recently revamped our onboarding process and made sure every single coach we work with is of the highest quality. One of the challenges of entering the Padel market is that the coaching qualifications are a little hit and miss at the moment. Spain is definitely the epicentre for all things padel and they are the world leaders in coaching. Game4Padel partnered PadelMBA to deliver their coaching qualifications. This means that at the Oliva Nova resort the coaching that is delivered is by some of the highest qualified Padel coaches in the world!

A Padel Tennis Synopsis

Padel tennis, a sport that originated in Mexico during the 1960s, has been rapidly gaining popularity around the world in recent years. Combining elements from tennis and squash, this fast-paced racquet sport is played on a smaller court with solid walls and utilises unique rules that make it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. As the interest in padel tennis continues to grow, many experts predict that it could very well be the future of racket sports. Padel tennis is evolving to meet the demands of modern athletes and enthusiasts alike.

Furthermore, the social aspect of Padel sets it apart from other racket sports. Matches are typically played in doubles format, promoting teamwork and camaraderie among players.

Active Away & Padel

Here at Active Away we have a vision of being the best leisure tennis provider in the world. With Padel entering our community, we want to be at the forefront as this sport becomes more popular. We now believe we have the perfect Padel Holiday destination in Oliva Nova as well as access to some of the best locations in the UK for our domestic events.

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