Coach Onboarding Process

Coach Onboarding Process

The New Active Away Tennis Coach Onboarding Process: Building a Strong Team of Tennis Professionals

As the leading provider of tennis experiences it is vital we have a comprehensive and professional onboarding process for all our new tennis coaches, whether employed or contracted staff. We are excited to introduce our enhanced onboarding process for all our new tennis coaches with the aim of fostering a deeper understanding of our values, ensuring compatibility between coaches and the organisation and equipping coaches with the tools to deliver exceptional experiences for our guests. This five-stage process sets a consistent standard for all new coaches joining the team. Let’s explore each stage in detail to understand the comprehensive onboarding journey for all new Active Away tennis coaches.

Stage 1: Join the Team Web Form

The first step in the onboarding process involves coaches completing the Join the Team web form available on our website. This initial form serves as an introduction to Active Away and allows coaches to provide their relevant details, including their CV. By sharing their professional background and experiences coaches set the foundation for the subsequent stages of the onboarding process.

Stage 2: Video Qualification

To ensure the selection of qualified and competent coaches we request two videos from candidates. These videos showcase their coaching abilities, allowing the Director of Tennis to assess their skills, techniques, and teaching style. This stage serves as a crucial step in evaluating coaches’ compatibility with our coaching standards and guest-focused approach.

Stage 3: 121 Assessment Call

Following successful qualification based on their video submissions coaches progress to a one-hour assessment call conducted via Zoom. During this call coaches have the opportunity to engage directly with the Director of Tennis. It serves as an interactive session where coaches can further demonstrate their knowledge, experience, and coaching philosophy. This step allows us to assess not only the technical skills of the coaches but also their alignment with our values and commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences.

Stage 4: Online Coach Training

Upon successfully completing the assessment call coaches move on to the Online Coach Training Course. This comprehensive course equips coaches with the necessary tools, strategies, and insights to deliver outstanding coaching sessions. Covering a wide range of topics including coaching methodologies, communication techniques and guest engagement the course ensures that coaches have a solid foundation and a shared understanding of our coaching principles and company values.

Stage 5: Team Training Call

To foster team cohesion and alignment we will conduct a two-hour team training call before the start of each season. This call, led by key personnel such as the Director of Tennis and James Lilley, provides an opportunity for new coaches to interact with their colleagues, gain insights from experienced professionals, and develop a collective understanding of our vision and goals. This collaborative session sets the stage for a unified team approach, promoting consistent coaching standards across all Active Away locations.

In Conclusion

The new Active Away Tennis Coach Onboarding Process is designed to create a strong team of tennis professionals who embody our values, deliver exceptional experiences to our guests and consistently uphold coaching standards. By incorporating video qualification, assessment calls, comprehensive online training and team training sessions we ensure that every coach joining the team is well-prepared, motivated, and aligned with our vision. With our refined onboarding process we are set to continue our legacy of providing outstanding and memorable tennis experiences to our family of guests.

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