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The 4 Tennis Grand Slams

Nothing comes close to the 4 Tennis Grand Slams. They are globally watched and inspire millions worldwide.

The 4 Tennis Grand Slams are: Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open & Roland Garros. The emotion that comes with the slams is incomprehensible. We’ve seen so many champions in tears, lying on the ground as well as jumping up and down – it really does mean that much.

Every young tennis player has the dream of playing the 4 tennis grand slams, but to win one seems out of reach to even the most promising youngster. To battle your way through the early rounds and beat the best players in the world is one of the toughest things to do.

Wimbledon – The oldest tennis grand slam. It used to be renowned for the serve and volley fast paced nature, however now the courts have slowed slightly. You’ll still see big servers and aggressive players coming into their own at Wimbledon, but it’s great to see the rallies last longer.

US Open – There is something iconic about a night match at the US Open. With the loud music at the change of ends and robust atmosphere it’s certainly a grand slam that gets everyone staying up late to watch an enthralling match.

Australian Open – Fast becoming a fan favourite, the Australian Open epitomises ‘Aussie Culture.’ It’s fun, friendly and a great tournament to attend. Just be careful though as the weather commonly goes above 40 degrees, making it very tricky for players and fans.

Roland Garros – Also called the French Open has been a fortress for Rafael Nadal. The clay courts are slower and bounce a lot higher, meaning the rallies are longer. We’ve seen some gruelling 5 set matches last over 5 hours and really push players to give everything they have.

What makes Grand Slam Tennis so special?

  • How hard it is to compete at a tennis grand slam
    • You’ll need to achieve a very high tennis ranking to even enter a grand slam! The great thing about tennis is that it’s not someone’s judgement call if you can enter a tournament, it’s simply based on your ranking.
  • The media attention
    • The media hype around grand slam tournaments is like no other. It captivates the world’s attention and some of the highlight reels are incredible.
  • The best tennis players in the world
    • At noo other tennis tournament are you guaranteed to see the world’s best compete. The top players build their calendar around the 4 slams, so you’ll get to see them!

Grand Slam Tennis Events

Grand Slam Tennis Events captivate the world. When one of the tennis slams start, the whole world soaks up the incredible atmosphere that is a Grand Slam.

If you’ve ever attended a grand slam tennis event you know what the buzz is like – there are people everywhere, the atmosphere is brilliant and so it’s so exciting. If you’ve not been fortunate enough to attend an event, then the TV coverage is incredible.

We’ve spent so many nights up late watching a US Open night match and had sneaky afternoons off watching a Wimbledon Quarter Final. It really does draw you in and it certainly becomes the talk of the office.

Getting tickets for tennis grand slam events can be tough – especially Wimbledon where they hold a ballot. We can assure you that the experience is worth it, and for any tennis fan it should be on your bucket list.

Becoming a Grand Slam Tennis Champion

When starting out on the journey of becoming a Grand Slam Tennis Champion you will have an incredibly tough and arduous path ahead. However we must start with the dream – one must dream and the ultimate would be to raise that trophy aloft.

In order to become a grand slam tennis champion you must:

  • Sacrifice.
    • There is no way you’ll become a grand slam champion without sacrificing the short-term fun for the long term goal.
  • Legs.
    • Be the hardest worker in the room.
  • Heart.
    • Do a little bit more than your peers, and be prepared to battle harder. Have the ability to play on several surfaces. You may have a favourite surface to win a grand slam, however in order to get into the grand slam your ranking must be high enough.
    • To increase your ranking, you’ll need the ability to win on different surfaces.
  • Attitude.
    • You must display a good attitude at all times, especially when things are against you.
  • Head.
    • Be tactically smart.
    • Have the ability to outthink your opponent.
  • Be resourceful.
    • You have to be able to come through matches and not play your best tennis.
  • Technique.
    • Be technically sound and have developed several weapons.

Grand Slam Tennis History

The 20th century of Grand Slam Tennis has been dominated by 3 of the greatest players we’ve ever seen – Nadal, Federer and Djokovic.

Roger Federer – The Swiss maestro. In our opinion the most graceful and elegant player to watch. Federer dominated Wimbledon for years,and even had a special blazer made for when he entered the court!

Rafael Nadal – What a competitor. Nadal’s initial success came at Roland Garros where he has an incredible record. He managed to transfer his aggressive game to the other slams where he has resounding success.

Novak Djokovic – The most understated out of the ‘big 3.’ Djokovic has become a fantastic champion and has to be one of the most dogged competitors out there. He’s so tough to beat and is right up there.

What is the best Tennis Grand Slam?

We are traditionalists here at Active Away, so Wimbledon is the best tennis grand slam.

There’s nothing quite like Wimbledon, from strawberries and cream to playing in all white – it has some serious history.

Do let us know if you agree, as this is such a good question and there’s a great argument for each grand slam being the best!

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