The Rise of Padel Tennis – Ready for a Takeover?

The Rise of Padel Tennis – Ready for a Takeover?

A Brief Introduction to Padel Tennis

With its growing popularity, Padel Tennis is quickly becoming one of the world’s most exciting racket sports. This action-packed game has spread from its roots in Mexico and Spain to many countries across Europe and beyond. With millions of people around the world already playing, it looks like Padel is here to stay!

Padel Tennis is played on a slightly smaller court than traditional tennis with walls surrounding it. Players are required to hit the ball off the walls as part of their strategy which leads to some truly exciting rallies and shots. This hybrid sport combines elements from tennis and squash for an energetic, fast-paced game that can be played indoors or outdoors. Players use rackets with shorter handles than those used for tennis, which adds a greater challenge to master more precise shots. The smaller court size offers spectators a closer look at all the thrilling action – perfect for competitions!

Padel is easy to learn but difficult to master – no wonder it’s becoming so popular so quickly!

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Why is Padel Tennis becoming the latest craze of Racket Sports?

The key reasons why Padel Tennis is becoming so popular around the world…

– The social aspect of the game

– The learning curve is higher than other racket sports (no over arm serve)

– There is room for creativity and there tends to be longer rallies than sports like Tennis

– Less chances of injuries

For those looking for a more social aspect in their game of choice, Padel Tennis offers just that. With four players per court instead of two, you’re sure to make some new friends while you rally away! It’s easy to see why this sport is becoming so popular – it’s a fun and exciting way to get moving and socialize with friends.

Padel Tennis is easy to pick up, but offers plenty of room for growth as you become more experienced in the game. The eye opening point of its ease to play is that the serve is underarm (unlike tennis where the serve is one of the hardest shots to learn when starting). Another key point for Padel Tennis being easier to pick up over other racket sports is that you use the same grip through out which simplifies switching from different shots and court positioning whilst playing.

The rules of Padel are simple: two teams face off against each other using solid-headed rackets on a court smaller than a traditional tennis court, with glass walls as boundaries. This variation allows for quicker rallies and more creative shots, making it an ideal way to challenge your reflexes while you exercise. With 4 players on the court at once, it’s sure to provide hours of energetic fun. Its popularity has grown rapidly in recent years due to its versatility – whether you want a competitive match or just some friendly banter while playing, this sport has something for everyone!

In tennis, when returning the ball, your arm, wrist, and elbow are put under significantly more stress due to the speed of the tennis ball and the higher tension on the tennis racket. In Padel, the racket is significantly closer to your wrist & body and the ball travels at a lower velocity, causing less force to be applied to certain areas of your body. The use of a low compression ball makes this game much easier on joints and allows for longer playing periods without fear of injury.

Why are Tennis Clubs adding Padel Tennis Courts?

Tennis clubs across the world are buzzing with excitement as they make room for this new and exciting sport. Padel Tennis centres are popping up all over the UK and Tennis Clubs are also looking to hop onto the trend, with some even getting rid of tennis courts to install new Padel courts!

Over the past year our team here at Active away have travelled across Europe coaching Tennis and Padel. We have noticed that whenever we find a Tennis Club which also has Padel courts, the Padel courts are full and it can be difficult to get court time if not booked in advanced. So why are tennis Clubs introducing Padel?

– Being one of the fastest growing sports in the world, the Club has the opportunity to earn higher revenues through their other facilities and food / beverages. Padel requires 4 people to play which leads to more people being at the Club and spending money within their establishment. Who doesn’t love a social form of exercise with friends followed by a drink at the bar?  

– Some Tennis Clubs have seen a decline in members or court bookings and with this new craze, we have noticed Clubs being brought back to life after installing Padel tennis courts. Not only does this help the finances for a tennis Club due to more members being involved, it is a new gateway to getting more people into tennis. Many of the most popular UK and European Padel Clubs now have waiting lists as they have too many members!

– Padel Tennis requires less space than traditional sports like tennis, therefore more courts can be built over a piece of land meaning more people can be playing and entering a Club. 

Padel is the sport with the biggest global growth right now is padel, David Lloyd has taken the approach of setting up Padel Courts in some of their centres and this could prove to be a successful business venture from one of the UK’s leading Sports Clubs as Padel Tennis numbers in the UK begin to soar.

What are the Benefits of Playing Padel Tennis?

Padel Tennis offers a range of physical and mental benefits that can help improve your overall health and wellbeing. Here are just some of the reasons why Padel Tennis is good for you and why you need to make it your next sport to try.

Playing Padel Tennis helps improve coordination and balance. It requires quick reactions to shots from both players in order to return them, as well as challenging players to be agile and quick on their feet while also forcing them to think strategically about their shots. Additionally, by focusing on hand-eye coordination with each shot you strike, your accuracy will increase as you get better at the game. Padel Tennis provides a great form of cardiovascular exercise and increases your stamina over time.

Padel Tennis is a great sport for children too! It helps build strong relationships with fellow players as it’s usually played in doubles matches with lots of communication and the skill of working alongside your partner  for success. Not only that, but Padel Tennis can help build self-confidence too by providing a sense of accomplishment when mastering new shots or improving technique. This is particularly great for newcomers to the sport looking for ways to progress their game.

Padel Tennis Facts

– Padel is played in over 60 countries world wide with over 25 million people actively involved in Padel and the number is set to keep on rising. 

– Many of the top Professional Tennis Players and sports professionals are becoming Padel Ambassadors such as Andy Murray who recently invested in Game4Padel. 

– Padel could well be seen at the next Olympics if it reaches 75 different countries.

– You are allowed to reach over the net if the ball has already bounced on your side. Some of the Professional Padel Players even run outside of the court to retrieve balls that bounce outside of the walls. 

Check out just how creative and crazy Padel Points can get by watching the video down below!

Where can I find a Padel Tennis Venue, Clinic or Holiday?

To find Padel tennis Courts near you we recommend using Play Finder or using the LTA’s Find a Padel Court Page. Padel is one of the best ways to socialize with individuals who share common interests to you and many Padel Tennis Clubs now run open sessions where you can mix in with different people and start playing matches. Your nearest Padel Club may also have teams you can join to enter leagues around other Clubs in the area!

Looking to play Padel Competitively? Check out the LTA’s Padel Website to find a Padel Tennis Tournament near you.  

In need of some Padel Tennis Coaching?

Due to Padel still growing in the UK, it can be hard to find Padel Coaches with experience and knowledge in making you a more confident and competent Padel Tennis Player. Try reaching out to your nearest Clubs to see if they have any coaching sessions available for you to join. 

Alternatively, come alone or bring a group to one of our One Day Padel Clinics where we give you 4 hours of expert coaching from our Padel Program created with The Padel School Team. Experience a Unique Padel Event including a full day of learning different Padel Tennis tactics within live game scenarios & top tips from our Padel Coaches. 

Looking for a Padel Tennis Holiday?

Here at Active Away we offer 2 kinds of Padel Tennis Holidays: Hosted Padel Tennis Holidays – travel on your own, with a partner or friends and become part of a larger group. We also offer Bespoke Padel Tennis Holidays – where we tailor your trip just for you or your group.

Find out more about our Padel Holidays here.                                                                                     

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