Active Away Tennis Holidays Blog: Keeping Tennis-Fit through Covid-19

Staying at home, not hitting any Tennis balls and watching Netflix – it’s not conducive to improving your game! Don’t worry – we are here to help!

This blog is aimed at 40 – 70 year old club level Tennis players.

1. The Daily Walk (30-60 mins)

Find a route you love, stick your headphones in and get out there! Do it daily & track your steps – it’s a great way to keep your metabolism ticking over. Maybe increase it to a jog if you are feeling good, but consistency is key!

Active Away The Daily Walk

2. 2-3 Times a Week – Stretch/Yoga (15-30 mins)

After your daily walk, you may find yourself feeling a little stiff. Being supple is super important for tennis as we push off and change direction a lot! Yoga & Stretching can definitely help you stay ‘loose.’ We can recommend the attached video to help you stretch.

3. 1-2 Times a Week – Shadow Tennis

Have an invisible match! We know – it might look a little silly but shadowing your strokes will allow you to at least maintain a ‘feel’ of your technique. This way it won’t feel too ‘alien’ when you are back on the Tennis Courts.

Shadow Tennis

4. 1-2 Times a Week – Wall/Garden Tennis

This one isn’t great if you have a ‘wall-neighbour’ 😂
But do have a little tennis battle with a wall (or even your partner). However your partner might be slightly easier to beat than the wall..

Active Away Wall_Garden Tennis

5. Watch Tennis!

It’s amazing what you can learn from watching the world’s best compete! With many tennis events still going on around the world, do enjoy watching them! We recommend Amazon Prime – as there’s a huge amount of tennis on there. You might even recognise a couple of the silhouettes…

Watching Tennis

We know it’s not easy surviving without tennis, but by following the above tips you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when we are allowed back on court!

Stay Safe!
Josh & The Team

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