What are ‘Singles Tennis Holidays’?

In a nutshell; are a great way to meet new people in a relaxed environment, with every detail of your holiday taken care of.
We have been organising group singles holidays for the last 8 years. We are a specialist tour operator founded and run by sports professionals. We organise group tennis, and skiing/snowboarding holidays to fantastic 4 & 5 star resorts giving you the chance to hone your skills, meet new friends, and share great experiences.

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You Are Never On Your Own!

We know traveling on your own can be a little intimidating, sometimes its tough meeting new people and that’s where your holiday host comes in. On all of our group singles holidays you have your very own host; your Active Away host is not just a ‘rep’ but more of a companion who is your own personal holiday guide. They’ll be with you from the start of your singles holiday, right through to the end as you say goodbye to your new-found friends.
Our holidays are not exclusively for single travelers, we have a mix singles, couples and groups that combine to make one large party, its great fun and after day one you are guaranteed to have met lots of new friends; quite a lot of our singles travelers normally end up re-booking for the following year with new friends they have met on the holiday.
I have now been on 4 Active Away holidays and each time have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Initially I went on my own but since the first holiday have made so many good friends that we now make sure we go on the same weeks so it is like becoming part of an extended tennis family! The resorts are all of a very high standard and the tennis and coaching second to none – Katie Simmons.

What Is A Holiday Host?

We have developed a unique and flexible formula for our organised group singles holidays that helps keep 85% of our guests coming back. It is your host’s mission to make sure you have a fantastic holiday experience. Our hosts combine great organisational skills with infectious personalities; they are also specialists in their chosen sports meaning you get a level of knowledge and service unparalleled by other tour operators. Your host will be there to meet and greet you at your destination airport ensuring your holiday starts smoothly. They will oversee all aspects of your holiday including checking into the hotel and the coaching program ensuring you’re in the correct level group for the coaching as well as arranging the daytime and evening itineraries. Each holiday is devised, developed and delivered by people who are passionate about making your break an experience you will never want to forget.

It’s Your Holiday…

You can indulge yourself with a group or have time on your own, you can spend time drinking in the atmosphere or just relaxing with people who are as active and energetic as you! – Life can be vertical or horizontal – you decide!

We want your holiday to be the highlight of your year!

Our destinations are carefully selected and continually monitored to ensure your holiday is one to be remembered. At least one member of the management team has personally visited each luxury location so you can rest assured that the appraisals of the accommodation, facilities and environment are accurate and definitive. They wouldn’t be in our portfolio if they weren’t emphatically excellent.


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